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Gyp Thompson

reply to cielbleu

Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

The guy who came out tonight took out his hand held scanner, ran it and said there was a leak caused by a port not being capped off. He waved it back and forth and the thing started going crazy. He said they should have fixed it when they came out and said they didn't know what they were talking about. He then fixed it, ran his gadget again and it didn't beep off or anything.

He asked if there were splitters in the home and I told him no because there aren't any. We went to where the cable box is and he checked all of that and it was good. So we went back out, he checked everything one more time, assured me there was **no leaking or noise** and said if someone ever comes out again to get their name.


The guy who come to your home was a service technician looking for signal leakage. The two technicians before was probably maintenance technicians looking for ingress, noise on the return patch. If somebody don't know what he's talking about, it's probably the service technician, even if he think he knows.

Anyway, just plug back your router and if the two guys come back to disconnect your Internet connection, you will know your router is causing problem on the cable plant.

Gyp Thompson

Well, that may or may not be true, but since the first two guys were out to fix things wouldn't it make sense for them to fix the port? Why did he have to do it if they know more, etc?

BTW, he used the terms ingress and egress and said the only problem he detected was the leak from the port not being capped. He said aside from that problem, which they should have fixed, there were no other issues.