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reply to Orth

Re: Been awhile since Charter increased speeds

said by Orth :

And it also states "The fee is not listed on Charter's site listing of fees, and users say it's often inconsistently applied." Again, this is not the fee you are thinking of.

Also the "change of service computerized fee" used to be named the "service restoration fee" which is where all this confusion is coming into play. Sadly that article is incorrect. Trust me on this, as someone on the inside at Charter, this isn't the $1.99 payment by phone fee everyone thinks it is.

You don't have a clue as to what you're talking about whether you're on the "inside" or not!

This fee applies to you CHANGING ANYTHING with your account, plain and simple! You can get it removed if you complain though.

I know the folks on the phone are usually dumber than a box of rocks, but I JUST called TWICE and that is EXACTLY what I was told.

It applies when you increase, decrease, add or subtract ANY service. Heck, it probably applies even if you change from paper billing to paperless, knowing Charter.
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