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Re: lan2 don't see server on lan1

First thanks to both of you
yes for "see" I was intending that I can ping them, ftp and web connect on server using the IP so I think that some service for autodiscovery are not passing to Lan2 .
I will try your binding suggestion , Kirby, adding fixed IP for printer and server.
Brano, sorry but as now I don't have any , except the one the USG 100 create when it was installed.
Before we only had 1 WAN and we use only LAN1 so no specifc set up was put in place, all came in november when we got the second Wan and we start to see how we can separate the traffic on both lan, a sort of load balancing, we started Lan2 to be used for cellphone/private tablet and it was ok as they don't need to see any internal resource. Now we are try to squeeze the most of the 2 WAN .
Any furter suggestion will be helpfull

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For both LAN1 to LAN2 routing and/or LAN2 to WAN2 you need to setup appropriate policy routes, the default routes are not sufficient.
Start with user guide here »ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/ZYWALL_USG_100/use···_Ed1.pdf
When you run into specific questions don't hesitate to ask here.


I will go with your suggestion, if I will need more support I will post again