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Evansville, IN

Modem advice for soon-to-be new DSL Elite customer

After suffering with expensive, severely bandwidth-capped, pseudo "high-speed" satellite Internet from Hughesnet for the past three years, AT&T is finally offering DSL in my area. I know many people aren't thrilled with it but, coming from what I've had to live with for the past several years (going back to dial-up for almost two years and then Hughesnet for almost three), it'll seem like I've died and gone to Heaven. I'm planning to go with the DSL Elite package.

I have a really nice Linksys router with Gigabit ports so I don't want to take a step backwards and go with one of the two Gateway/modems that AT&T is currently offering. I'm looking at getting just a modem. They're offering the Motorola Model 3360 and the Netgear Model 6200. Is there a clear winner here? Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about either?

Thanks for any information or advice anyone may be able to provide.

- Byron Followell

The 3360 and 6200 modems are just about identical


Evansville, IN
Ah heck, it doesn't matter now.

I was in the habit of checking their availability system every few months, just to see if something had changed in my area. I was thrilled to see their system say that DSL was available at my home. I even started a chat session and had the rep verify availability. They confirmed that it was available at my house.

This morning I woke up and went to their website to complete an order but it wouldn't show DSL as an option. I finally called customer service and they said that there has been no change and that I had no high-speed options available.

I don't know what caused their system to mess up for me, and for their rep, to think it was available at my address, but it looks like I don't need to worry about it anymore and I'll be sticking with Highesnet.

Thanks anyway.

- Byron