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Re: [CCNA] how to purhase hardware and determine IOS needed

Guys so far I have a the below equipment

1 1841
2 2611 XM's
3 WSC2950C24
1 2520
2 WIC-1T

Also a friend has a Cisco 2811 that he is going to send me I plan to organize everything in a rack over the next week. So looks like I just need to get serious about studying by the way I will be using cbt nuggets and trian signal. Do you guys recommend any other books be it lab or general text?

united kingd
I think the kit you have will serve you foro a CCNA.
I'd like to see a Layer 3 switch in there if you have the funds.

I think Todd Lammles CCNA study Guide is about the best out there.
Youtube can be a good resource.
Any video (CBT nugget) by Jeremy Chiora is usually worth it's weight in gold.
www.subnettingquestions.com for practicing your subnetting, and whilst I do not agree with the practice of braindumping, www.9tut.com has some helpful info.
As mentioned before though, when sitting down with job candidates I can usually pick out brain-dumper from a candidate that has knowledge. There is no substitute for doing the labs and understanding them. If there is a lab you don't understand, open a training manual and re-do the lab whilst looking up the process or subject in the book. Make notes of what commands you execute, what they do and why they do it. And you will need to do each lab multiple times. Practice until you are sick of it, then practice some more.
Binary is as easy as 01 10 11

reply to watts3000
Definately sufficient for NA studies. Not too familiar with what a 2520 can do, if you can use it as a frame relay
switch, you'd be laughing. 1841 and 2811 should also serve you well if you choose to play with VOIP.

Layer 3 switches aren't needed until NP. If you do have the funds, they're fun to pick up though.



You are correct I bought the 2520 for frame relay. A little off topic here but at my currect job we run mpls is there any mpls labs on the ccna or is that high level stuff?

London, UK
I wouldnt think so.

CCNA is really about fundamental, base line knowledge. MPLS probably wouldnt come in to the mix until you start doing service provider exams.