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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to nettles

Re: Getting 7 mbps on 6 mbps package DSL + cable modem question

said by nettles :

This is quite weird....my speedtest results always used to be around 4 mbps when I had 5 mbps DSL (even after it was upgraded to 6 mbps). Now when I do a test, it's always a result of 7 mbps and others on the same package never seem to be getting that.

This started happening directly after some Bell cable was knocked out at the connector and I was without internet for 4 days (this was months back). When it was fixed, the download speed was faster (upload speed is still around 500-600 kbps, never really close to 800). Just wondering what the reason for this could be.

Most likely you got switched from a distant CO to a remote DSLAM much closer to you. I don't know why you got the 7Mb/s profile. AFAIK you should only have gotten 6Mb/s.

A similar situation happened to me last year. I'd been getting about 4Mb/s on a 5Mb/s profile with lots of line errors connected to the CO in downtown Kitchener about 3km away. One day speeds dropped to under 2Mb/s. Line stats were horrible. I called TSI who called Bhell. The next day I'm on a new line that's capable of 12Mb/s but on a 6Mb/s profile. Lines stats are great. Turns out it was easier for Bhell to move my line to an RSLAM around the corner than to mess with the old line.

Incidentally at about the same time Bhell started promoting the availability of Fibe Internet and TV in my area. Perhaps they're hoping I'll switch