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Re: Regional Sports Network fees coming for Midatlantic region..

Verizon really needs to stop this nickel and dime crap, if they are going to pull this shit then they need to just put the sports in there own package and let the people who want to pay for it do so and leave those of us who never watch these channels out of it.

Franklin Square, NY
I agree, it's bad enough we have to pay extra for the sports channels that we don't watch, but now tacking on this fee for everyone that has them in their package? They make it seem like they are just adding it to the people that get the channels, but that is everyone except for their new package. All the sports channels need to be separated if they are going to cause the customers and the providers this much grief. The new charge is being added to the bill anyway, so why separate it like it's an extra just for me? They might as well just up the regular fee. It makes it look like I wanted these channels. Are they going to start charging an extra fee for the broadcast channels too since that's another ongoing battle? How many separate fees are there going to be?