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Valrico, FL
reply to JimThePCGuy

Re: A right?

said by JimThePCGuy:

Correct me if I'm wrong but for it to be a "right" it must fall under the "Bill of Rights" and it's amendments. The term "right" is WAY over used.
One doesn't have a "right" to drive an automobile, one has a privilege etc.

Well it is in Germany, Finland, France...your interpretation of how it is or should be here because "Bill or Rights" or whatever document has no meaning there.

The way I see it if I pay taxes on roads then I should have a RIGHT to use them provided I can physically and mentally handle it (not severely handicapped etc.) Privilege? What government is my master and parent that I should get a privilege? Just because they try to claim it is a privilege to have one up on me does not mean I agree.