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DLink 615 Wireless Router too Old?

Greetings all,

I am newly minted Teksavvy cable internet user (18d/0.5u) and so far I have been quite happy with my speeds and performance. The one issue I am seeing though, is that when hard wired to my PC through my wireless modem (Dlink 615 »www.dlink.com/us/en/home-solutio ··· 0-router) I am getting great speeds (20-23 mb/s) however my wireless signal in the house is just terrible and constantly drops.

I realize that this is a fairly old piece of junk wireless modem, but it had worked flawlessly when I was on dsl (5d/0.5u) for years. It is running the latest firmware and all the settings are configured as best as I can see they need to be. The wireless signal is just garbage and constantly drops since the switch to cable.

I realize that this doesn't have anything to do with the cable service, as the "hard wired" speeds through that same modem are fine. Just at a bit of a loss, and likely need to upgrade the modem, but just curious on some folks thoughts on some settings I might be missing ahead of buying a new wireless modem. Thanks in advance and have a great day folks.



Kitchener, ON
yeah that thing is a little old. the extra CPU it's using with your new speeds will no doubt be affecting wireless signal and performance.


reply to kalg
That is a relatively new Wireless N router...You shouldn't be having those issues without. I'd recommend hard resetting it using the button the back. If that doesn't work, play around with the wireless settings on it.
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Look at the pros and cons of this review done back in 2009 (so it's about 4 years old)...

»reviews.cnet.com/routers/d-link- ··· 592.html

Gatineau, QC
reply to kalg
I find most low-to-mid range consumer routers only last 3 or 4 years before they start acting haywire. There's always some exceptions, granted (My WRT54GL has been going on nearly 7 years, but will soon be retired as it's not wireless N capable).

Invest in a good router and you'll be glad you did.


I have a DIR-615 from a while back lying around as well, stupid router. Had connection/reliability issues since day 1. Ended up getting a TP-Link WR841ND or whatever it's called for $40 and it never has drops though the range isn't really much better than the dir-615.

Here's a suggestion though, once you download DDRT on it, the 615 can be converted to a wireless repeater. So you might buy a new router and still find the signal isn't that strong, instead of throwing out your 615 or getting a range booster, just convert the 615 into a wireless repeater which will give you better range (and hopefully no drops).


Kitchener, ON
reply to kalg
Believe it or not, the problem may actually be your DLink DIR-615 router itself. Depending on your hardware revision, you may need to disable Wireless N mode. Once disabled, you should notice your problem disappear. I can confirm this through my own findings with my experience with this router. Chances are most likely that you're running an older hardware revision, such as the A, B, or C... These are the most common revisions to experience this problem.

As always, you may find it beneficial to check the DLink website for firmware updates. Remember though when doing a firmware update that if you attempt it over a wireless connection, you stand a great chance at bricking your router. ALWAYS do firmware updates over a hard-wired Ethernet connection in order to avoid this problem.