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Re: Regional Sports Network fees coming for Midatlantic region..

The cable sports model is turning into a massive scam. It is only a matter of time before greed makes that house of cards collapse in on itself. I am speaking as a sports fan. It is crazy that the public is accepting of paying in the neighborhood of $300 a year for sports channels that a majority does not watch, and these fees are going up fast.

This is an interesting article that lays out some of the laws and framework that governs which tiers these channels are carried in. In some cases they are forced by law to carry them in basic tiers, whether they want to or not.

» ··· INAL.pdf

All in all, I like this move by Verizon. Bringing visibility to the RSN fees might be the thing that causes enough backlash to get things changed. I'd like to see them break out all the sports channels fees into the bills.

As an aside, it would be nice if the providers provided the rebate they receive from RSNs to the customers from lockouts, since we are the ones not able to see the games that were missed.
»www.sportsbusinessdaily. ··· out.aspx

Franklin Square, NY
If it's a separate line item then it should be one that is removable. My wife will ask why I am paying extra for these channels like I subscribed to them.