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Springfield, PA

Got Around Packet Loss - This may help you...

I posted this on the Verizon Forums and it may help others.
This is a work around to the packet loss and poor performance issues I've had.

I still think things are funky in their internal routing and
bandwidth allocation, peering, etc. But this was a help for
now -

I sent this to the guy on forums who suggested a fix to try and get a new IP.
Seems like it worked...check this out. No packet loss now. Things a bit
more responsive. Tech called me today and was going to come out and swap
routers and check light levels, I told him to not waste my time. He may come
tomorrow like he was supposed to. I said "call a manager/network tech/local
office and we can discuss further..." this is not at my house.

Wanted to send you details of what I did, appreciate your help, it might help others.

I had to leave my router off overnight - at least 2 hours because I saw in my router that
is how long the lease was for. In the morning, new IP (same subnet), but different routing
at VZ (next router out changed) - Bang, packet loss gone! I am not sure things are still
funky somewhere in their network, but much better overall - I can probably live with it.

Is this a configuration issue, or a bad card? Here is my partial traceroute from work.

OLD: (sporadic packet loss on ping)

7 17 ms 14 ms 14 ms ix-2-0-2-0.tcore2.aeq-ashburn.as6453.net []
8 42 ms 19 ms 18 ms
9 18 ms 33 ms 24 ms 0.xe-8-0-8.phil-bb-rtr2.verizon-gni.net []
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 26 ms 29 ms 29 ms pool-72-78-80-154.phlapa.fios.verizon.net [] -- Previous IP

New: no packet lost!

8 15 ms 22 ms 18 ms
9 24 ms 23 ms 22 ms 0.xe-8-1-4.phil-bb-rtr1.verizon-gni.net []
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 25 ms 26 ms 22 ms pool-72-78-80-34.phlapa.fios.verizon.net [] -- Current IP

See that "next hop" router that changed.


Fresh Meadows, NY
I will actually have to agree with you on your findings.

The other month, my IP changed after my router froze up. Routing was horrible and speed tests slow. Changed it two more times, same thing.

I tried changing it once more, and much fewer problems! Not perfect like it was just before Sandy, but much improved. I still have issues at night, some greater then others. But I must say, certain IP ranges get much better routing then others.

For you, there isn't that much of a difference. For me one IP to the other was the difference between 5ms and 50ms to the same destination just miles away.


Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to smrtech
Click for full size
Verizon FIOS addresses
Attachment might be interesting to see how VZ has their addresses carved up.. I did this for my own amazement...


Cliffside Park, NJ
reply to smrtech
Sounds like a bad/overloaded router in that CO where its located. Now getting the Verizon NOC to admit and correct, thats a hard one.

Alfred, ME
reply to smrtech
Where is the actual packet loss in your traces happening?


Springfield, PA
That was separate testing I did. I was just trying to show the
routing changes that happened and my ping tests had no packet loss.

This is my old IP now I just tested, somebody has it and this
packet loss was consistent with every test. Constant loss of
data. Now not even one packet lost!

Round trip time to 49 ms
Timed out
Round trip time to 49 ms
Round trip time to 48 ms
Round trip time to 48 ms
Round trip time to 51 ms
Round trip time to 51 ms
Round trip time to 51 ms
Round trip time to 51 ms
Round trip time to 51 ms
Average time over 10 pings: 44.9 ms


Fresh Meadows, NY

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Speaking of which, I guess I shot myself in the foot by even posting about this. Last night my router decided to shut off and turn back on the WAN port giving me a new IP address.
I now ping higher to everything and my speed tests are sub 100 down to sites that always max me out.

Went from a 71.167, to a 100.2 which gave me sub 100 speeds and bad routing (During the day time!).

On purpose, I released and renewed and got another IP now 108.41.x.x and my ping times went back to normal to my usual testing destinations. Speeds also went back up to normal on a test that was only showing 100-120 before the change.


Springfield, PA
Well it's Sunday now and things are working very well now,
not perfect, but much better and very tolerable.
I am trying to not do any restarts, lest I lose my good/working
IP. I had the same thing
you did with a magic restart overnight last week. It got
better, then worse, then better. Playing with that IP mattered.

As a side note, VZ tech just left my house and I told him
nothing to do here, sent him away, it's in your internal
network. He was going to call his manager and get
back to me to at least acknowledge the weirdness I was
seeing, but I really don't expect to learn anything.
I figure if there are at least eyeballs on it, something might
happen. Maybe they are working on it, but probably not.

I'll post if I learn anything. I also told him that this flavor
of weird behavior was affecting people from NY to VA - it
seems all related, but who knows for sure.


Perris, CA
reply to smrtech
Pretty sure we're having a problem on the west coast as well. See my Riverside County Verizon thread.