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reply to chrisretusn

Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

said by chrisretusn:

... I'm not all that concerned over this threat. It just like any other threat out there, except this one has taken on a life of it own as the threat to hate. Reminds me of Facebook, which I use on occasion and find it quite useful; like the Java programs I use. ...

According to Kaspersky Lab's 3rd-Quarter report, the concern is probably justified, especially given Java's prominence in current infections and the number of Java installations constituting potential targets. From IT Threat Evolution: Q3 2012:
... 2012 can justifiably be described as the year of the Java vulnerability, with half of all detected exploit-based attacks targeting vulnerabilities in Oracle Java. Today, Java is installed on more than 3 billion devices running under various operating systems. ...
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I have Java installed on five systems, and decided not to uninstall it. Instead, I used the java control panel security tab to disable it in all browsers. That way I did not have to individual disable the plugins.

Added: One thing I forgot to mention is that disabling the browsers in the Java control panel also requires a restart to take effect. That's a small pain in the behind.
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