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West Orange, NJ
reply to zippoboy7

Re: Regional Sports Network fees coming for Midatlantic region..

said by zippoboy7:

however this fee is for the Regional Sports Networks and most if not all of those channels are negotiated separately from other channels and could certainly be put in a separate package for those who want them.

Not true in the NY area. I know for a fact that YES Network requires cable companies to carry them on basic cable. That's one of the reasons Cablevision refused to carry the network many years ago - they didn't feel they should have to pay a carriage fee for every subscriber. I believe MSG Network works the same way.


Yep, I believe this is pretty common. I believe they are all taking the stance of either basic package or not at all, or they withhold other channels, or they are federally mandating Verizon to carry them.

This fee is a step in the right direction though, and is fully intended to call out the RSNs for their tactics, and to call out attention to the system as a whole.