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Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse

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Re: What to leave on - empty house

Great info on insurance, I'd never thought about that. I'll call USAA here shortly. My AC is 2 x zoned-central split AC/Furnace (gas, electric ignition). The TStats control both heating and air, so, if it gets to 55F-, it kicks on the heat ... 80F+, it kicks on the AC. Just before we close up, we'll have the systems serviced. I'll ask our AC folks the best way to set it up. This Trane systems are amazing - cut our budget-billing from 550 to 190/mth. We've talked to the elect company and they recommend going direct-usage billing based on the "lack" of consumption and the current "credit" that our account is enjoying.

Uverse - check
House sitter/checker - check
Insurance - check(ing)
Baking soda/fridge - check
Washing machine - check

Truly, from the bottom of our hearts -- TY. We've done the deployments, but never leaving the house. This is why I paid for BBR/DSLR - what a great community.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.


In case you check in again, thanks for your service. My son-in-law and his brother did 2 tours in Afghanistan.

A note on the safe deposit box - be sure to have additional (notarized if necessary) copies kept in a bank in your wife's new area. Just in case. My mother's best friend had to be admitted to a nursing home, several states away, and my mother's health was not good enough to hop a plane and get into the joint safe deposit box. My sister lived a few hours away (from BF) and it was a legal paper mess, faxing authorization forms back and forth between attorneys, so that she could access the box on behalf of my mom.