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[Cable] Come on guys, really?

Moved within Ottawa, called, was told a fee of $65 and arranged a date (Well, three) got an email back confirming it with teksavvy. Then got a call from the installation guy stating it was not only not on the day confirmed, but 3 days after the latest date, called in.

Said they couldn't do anything, refused to waive the fee after failing to follow through, but promised a discount for the extra days with no internet.

Waited till the day, installer was unable to install because of snow (This is ottawa, wtf?) but regardless, he left with only a voicemail notice after 10 minutes.

Called back to explain, picked another date, got another promise of not having to pay for internet for the days i was STILL out.

At this point I got curious since we had basic cable TV working and plugged it in. Low an behold it worked, I had internet, why didn't I try this earlier?

Called back to TekSavvy, told them I didn't need a guy to come hook it up, cancelled it, and thought all was well.

Sure enough the install guy showed up anyways, told him I didn't need him. And now I just got my bill and not only was I charged $65 for an installation that A) was cancelled, and B) Wasn't needed.

And just to add insult, all those gracious discounts they offered for the days I was without internet never showed up.

I must have talked to these people for 4 hours cumulatively and they didn't follow through on ANYTHING they promised.

How do you get attention from TekSavvy?

And what better alternative are there for Ottawa other than Ma Bell and Roger$ traffic shaping nightmare?


Nepean, ON
I've posted this again with a registered account. Please remove this thread.