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Re: [BC] 80% of my current usage for an extra $13/month?

said by Foggy :

This year Shaw is going to automatically start putting people into the next highest tier for going over their usage limit and
Subject to Bump-up ‡
(fine print at the bottom of the Shaw page)
‡ When you subscribe to one of our Broadband Internet packages, you will be opting into the Bump-Up Program.
If you exceed your package's included data, you will automatically be bumped up to the next level of Broadband Internet package for the remainder of your billing cycle.
The Bump-Up Program is coming soon in 2013.

I sure hope that Shaws usage meter is actually accurate. Far as I know is Weights and Measure Canada still refuses to make sure ISP bandwidth meters are accurate. When the Telus meter still showed on my bil, it compared very well with my DD-WRT meter in my router.

An ISP could strangely have a lot of users who get bumped up to a higher rate a couple of days before end of cycle. Very profitable. But how many people have a in home method to monitor their usage anyways.

People would also need to be properly notified of nearing the cap on their 'base internet package' before bump up.

Automatic 'Opt In' is a total joke and could be considered unlawful, based on the automatically 'Opt In' part(Many people do not know needing to have to 'opt out' to avoid nasty bills). If they renamed all their packages 'flex plans' then people know instantly that their bill is subject to change every month.

Fine print is evil and is used to deceive people via slight of hand advertising. Heres the advertised package, but details and restrictions are listed in a locked basement with no stairs in Alpha Centauri. Mind the Tiger.
Your 100Mbps package is just an 'up to' package so 20Mbps for 8 hours a day is close enough.

'Telus mobility data' has a pricing scheme of you get bumped up to a higher tier should you exceed a pitiful 1GB, but I have a nice 6GB plan for $30 a month that I use varying amounts of. And the Telus meter shows nicely with the phones own meter.
Flex Plan: Stay connected on the go without worrying about data overages.
Our Flex Data plans automatically adjust to your monthly usage helping you keep your bill in check. Plus, TELUS will notify via a free text message when you are close to reaching your data limit.

Final: A good ISP will make sure the customer knows about coming near their cap before any 'extra charges' are enacted. If the ISP can't even bother telling customers , via verified email(reply to confirm) or some type of phone call that confirms it being answered and listened too(push 5 for confirmation of extra billing) , then either kick in a throttle at max usage(with no overage charges) or be called scumbags and have call support enjoy peoples tirades.