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East Amherst, NY
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reply to elray

Re: Bring on the Streisand Effect

I worry too, however I remember back in the day when Netflix started sending DVD in the mail that people said that would never succeed. Last time I checked Hollywood Video and Blockbuster were single-handedly killed by Netflix...

Aereo's disruptive piece of technology isn't even spoken about, but the real killer is that they have the DVR (time shifting) in the cloud, and that is going to pillage all the box pushers in the next 5 years (sorry Arris), and at which time it won' t matter WHAT the content people say, the genie will be out of the bottle in the cloud. Boxee is trying the same thing, except they bent over and are taking it in the *** by the content owners. A sure way to die. They also continually screw their install base.

I also like their antenna thingy, but that is not a long term strategy anyways. I don't see free OTA making it through the next decade...