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Re: Dropping Uverse phone service -no affect onUverse internet?

Is your phone service uverse voip or pots
If it's pots you'll be changing to dsl direct
If phone service is uverse voip, ending the uverse voip will not effect the internet service


Fort Lauderdale, FL
It is Uverse voip, thanks.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hi again,
Looks like this will not be so easy after all. Yesterday (Saturday), I bought a T-Mobile SIM card, and activated it online, asking that my number be ported from Uverse. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from T-Mobile that my account had been activated and my number would be ported within 24 hours. But today (Sunday), I got a call from T-Mobile (I missed the call but they left me a voice mail) stating that AT&T would not port the number because it was bundled with my Uverse internet, so T-Mobile was cancelling my port order. They said I needed to call AT&T (gave me a number with a 214 area code) and have my number ported from Uverse to a traditional phone line, and then after that was completed I should call back T-Mobile and make a new order for the port. I called the 214 number and got a message to call back during regular business hours.

Is this normal? Can AT&T do this? Any tips on how to handle this? I do not want to lose my Uverse internet service.



Sunnyvale, CA
·T-Mobile US
·AT&T U-Verse
I wanted to port my home phone (Uverse voip) to google voice. Google do not port any none cell phone numbers. Apparently to many issues.

I solved it by porting my uverse voip to a AT&T gophone, as soon as the go phone worked I ported the number to google voice.

I figured porting a AT&T voip number to a AT&T gophone would be easy. Went to a AT&T store, it cost me $25 to get the gophone working (used old phone) and I needed to call AT&T to get the gophone account number for the port request. Total time was less than 24 hours.

It might not be the only way but much less finger pointing when it is AT&T - AT&T port.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to billdz
Just to finish the story, today (monday) I called AT&T and they said the problem was that I had received a discount for my bundled phone and internet (Elite) service, thus $55 for phone and internet. She said I could port but the price for just the internet would be $43 a month. I said I wanted to do the port anyway and she offered to lower my monthly price for one year to $44 for both phone and internet for a year (downgrading my phone service from unlimited free to 250 minutes free). I decided to take that deal instead of porting my phone.