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reply to ruggs


said by ruggs:

here is the format i saw it in

Cable pair 123 Pair 10 Bp XXX-PCP

more likely...

cable 123 pair 10 binding post XXX-PCP

because cable pair 123, pair 10 doesn't make much sense. Why would you have 2 cable pairs in the same cable????

as for the XXX-PCP

I've been told that this is most likely an 'industrial encap'. Out my way, we see these most commonly in residential town houses and strip malls.

The main cable is pulled through the units, usually in the basements. The sheath is stripped back in each unit and usually a couple of pairs are pulled out of a binder and 'dedicated' in the records as servicing that unit. The pairs are usually wired directly/indirectly to some form of protection where the ISW of the unit also comes in to play.

I dont know exactly was PCP stands for though.

Also the longer I look at it the more I'm inclined to think it's probably not cable 123. It is most likely an incomplete DSA designation. It probably should say something similar to

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