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Sunnyvale, CA
reply to LostInWoods

Re: A right?

said by LostInWoods:

I don't see it being much of a stretch to call broadband access to the internet a utility similar to phone service or power, but not certainly not a right.

Phone, power and television (was originally radio) have already been considered "essential" previously and now Internet access is treated in the same way. I don't know how well the German definition of an "essential part of life" compares to the US legal definition of a "right" (there may be overlap, but I don't think they are truly equivalent). From what I know about Germany, things considered "essential" may be subsidized (or fully paid for) for social security recipients and a landlord may not prevent a tenant from owning "essential items" or receiving "essential services". There are also restrictions on the repossession of goods from people in financial difficulties (for example: one working phone and one working television has to remain in the home because of their status as "essential" items).
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