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Hacienda Heights, CA
reply to ImpldConsent

Re: My addition will take almost 2 miles of Cat 6

said by ImpldConsent:

said by pandora:

Above each exterior door is both an RG 6 and a Cat 6 (allows me to run an IP or Coax camera over the doors).

I LOVE this idea and you are making it a reality

i mis-read this originally, i thought it was over the bedroom doors.

just as an aside - good security placement for cameras is typically away from the doorway entrance. less chance of being seen, usually harder access for someone to mess with before they take the house, and typically a better view of the area around the house (right above the door is typically very narrow field of view). you may want to run some cables to more clandestine areas around the upper eaves of the house, as well as to somewhere where you can bury a cable or two to run to a camera mounted in a nearby tree.

pandora - what are you using for a headend for the hdhomerun to get the signal and channel changing to the tvs?
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said by jig:

pandora - what are you using for a headend for the hdhomerun to get the signal and channel changing to the tvs?

re the security cameras they are to the side of the exterior doors. Also when the alarm is on, 3 interior cameras will be facing doors and several first floor windows. 2 cameras will be observing the stairway. there are other security capabilities being installed, but those won't be introduced into this discussion.

As for hd homerun prime it is activated with a Comcast card to descramble the channels (note the HDhomerun is not the same as the HDhomerun prime, the prime supports a cable card to descramble) ... a 1U Windows 7 server running Blue Iris and Homesser will have Windows media center with the hdhomerun software installed. Xbox 360's are able to display recorded data from the HD homerun prime. I have a local channel subscription on my Comcast business account which costs $5 per month. The server uses an I7 3770K with 16 GB of RAM and is underclocked to lower power consumption.

Today, I started a change of satellite provider, from DirecTV to Dish network. Dish will be installing 2 Hoppers with integrated sling (this is the new CES 2013 updated Hopper) and 6 Joey's allowing each child to have a Joey with a Hopper in their shared living room.

Another Hopper with integrated sling will be installed in the master bedroom, and 3 satellite Joey's will be installed in the legacy home to manage viewing off the master bedroom Hopper.

The Windows server for prime, has a 128 GB boot drive and a 3 TB mechanical drive to hold video storage.

Is that helpful? Besides the above, a legacy X10 network (which is being phased out) is being updated with Insteon and Z-Wave devices. A security protocol interface is also being installed which will allow my home automation system to interact with the alarm system.
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