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Strafford, MO

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reply to Bill_MI

Re: Looks like Belkin is buying the Linksys brand.

said by Bill_MI:

said by Sandman:

Now to figure out who I'll be switching to.

Firmware... I'm an OpenWrt user that loves the pure embedded Linux environment. For hardware I've been looking here: » ··· 700.aspx

Just my 2 cents. This isn't a new one by any means but I like its maturity.

I have yet to use OpenWRT, but have used DD-WRT, and have heard good things about the WNDR3700. I don't think I need any new equipment at the moment, so we'll see what h/w is out there when I do.

I say "I don't think I need any new equipment..." because I have a Linksys/Cisco WRT610N, which is WIP in DD-WRT. It worked OK on the original version that I installed, but when I tried to upgrade it lost internet connectivity and 1 of the wireless radios. I've, since then, flashed back to the original Linksys firmware, which doesn't support DHCP reservations.

Edit: It looks like my WRT610N is now supported, but I'm sure that it was WIP as of 2-3 weeks ago.
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