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reply to SLAMtech


said by SLAMtech:

I have seen the XXX-PCP on many F1's for ftth. What it means is another matter but the fact is it really doesn't matter at all. You even see it on F1's fed from a remote in the form of XXX-RCP and others. Its a ficticious F1 assignment for the field and has some meaning to assignment clerks. XXX-ENC is what you will see for encap.

yes if the OP is FTTH then you may be right there. I haven't seen an FTTH assignment in a while.

It's not ALWAYS ficticious, thats just what assigners tell the average station tech. They are sometimes real cables and pairs, or oe designations, but they aren't important to you since you wont be working in that wiring out point anyways.

I believe RCP is the french version of CDF. Count Down From. Which means the tech can't look for and use Binding post information at this wiring point - he has to use ca and pr info or oe designations.

So in your remote CO scenario, you could have a copper cable feeding your remote CO from a Host CO. In the remote itself, on the actual verticals in the frame , will be writen the cable number and range of pairs wired to the remote CO. The tech wont be using binding post information at that point.
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