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reply to silentdeth

Re: DSL upload speed very slow, but download speed is fine?

said by silentdeth:

I signed up for paperless billing back when it was bellsouth. I only ever logged into my bellsouth email once, and never into my at&t one. I think the password is my phone number. Chicken meet egg.

I also had paperless billing. The image I posted was from a PDF file, not a scan of a paper bill. I obtained the PDF file from the same AT&T/BellSouth billing site where I signed up for the paperless billing, and from where I paid the bill each month (email had nothing to do with it...the username and password to access the billing account was in no way related to any of my AT&T or BellSouth email accounts).

Keeping up with your business accounts is your responsibility; would you prefer that AT&T simply allowed anyone calling them to gain control of your account? Simply providing your correct name and address along with either the last 4 digits of your SSN, or the answer to a security question (that you previously provided), should allow any CSR (just keep pressing the "0" button on your phone to force your way out of the menu system) to access your account for troubleshooting purposes (although they may need to transfer you to AT&T billing for the verification process since tech support CSRs don't necessarily have access to those details). And FWIW, once you are on the phone with a CSR who has access to your account, you might want to ask for your phone number and PIN.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap" might also apply here.
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