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Let me see those devil horns in the sky

Kill Devil Hills, NC
reply to Jon

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

said by Jon:

Why does every thread in this forum turn into an argument about code and safety? And why is running a propane grill inside dangerous? There are houses all over the world that run entirely on propane. How is it different from a propane powered stove or furnace or fire place?

Do you guys also go to Extreme Sports forums and tell them how stupid they are for rock climbing, base jumping or whatever else they may be doing? This used to be a cool forum until all the know-it-alls came along. Now every response is "ILLEGAL" or "Call a professional". What's the point?

+1 - I really think they are grumpy old men who need some strife in their lives to feel alive again so here they are.
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