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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to tubbynet

Re: What Specialization Would You Choose Now?

said by tubbynet:

said by Nightfall:

So, when you say that customers want "the numbers after the name", that is very true. Its just as true when it comes to the education and experience portion of things as well.

for a network admin job -- i'd agree. well rounded with education matters -- especially in terms of communication, etc.

however -- i've not seen as much emphasis on the education in your bona fides when doing consulting work in the network field. i will say that having my bsee has greatly helped my understanding of the physical architecture aspects of these devices and knowing what they can/can't do -- but i wouldn't say that its a requirement.

Yea, we are pretty much in agreement. When it comes to consulting, most companies don't care about a consultant's education. What I was referring to was trying to get a job with a company and what most companies want in terms of the "big 3 requirements".

As you said, YMMV.

I wish you luck on your CCIE.
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