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Pearland, TX
reply to chgo_man99

Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong

said by chgo_man99:

At my hometown where I grew up, there is a castle that attracts some tourists and to my knowledge a receptionist at a local hotel there must know 3 foreign languages (one of them English) to get hired. And this is in a small town.

does the castle get millions of visitors a year like HK? how certain are you that the receptionist was REQUIRED to learn 3 languages or he / she just learned it by herself that's why he / she got hired?

comparing your castle's receptionist skill to speak different languages vs. HK people is not an apples to apples comparison....

my boss who's also Polish American isn't like you though...he understands that when in Rome, act and speak like a Roman! not a jerk!