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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Telco

Re: Anti-trust

said by Telco:

Why is there no anti-trust case against cable and traditional media.

Because there isn't even an inkling of a hint of a case.

Generally, content is cheaper than ever.

Just because we can't buy/rent the content in the manner, format, time, density and bundling we prefer, doesn't make for a conspiracy among the content owners - quite the opposite - they lose the potential sale.

Much as I'd like to see content sold dynamically, ala-carte, and I'm confident that such a system would result in huge revenue increases - people buy more when they can choose what they want, business prefers predictable revenues, just as consumers want consistent flat-rate billing, even when measured plans would save them lots of money.

So absent the second coming of Steve Jobs holding a World-Wide content sales summit, where all the players can see the light (more $$$$ for everyone, not just the newcomers), the established players are going to protect their investment, and they have every right to do so.