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Re: I enjoy sports...

said by clone:
As do most "average joe" pay TV subscribers. The people who post on these forums that have no interest in sports are the minority, and that's why sports networks are always included in basic cable.
As average Jane/Joe... sports is NOT an interest.. matter of fact they could shut down and I wouldn't notice, except maybe that my programs start on time on SUN for a change...

ESPN is included because the corpartstapo of disney FORCE IT! You want any O&O ABC, or any of the other disney cruft, you take ESPN in your standard tier and fork over $5.00/month/sub for that in addition to the other channels fees.

Well you sports a holics can FOOT THE BILL FOR YOUR sports and their over inflated fees and salaries and drugs etc..

Its a good start let the sportsaholics pay for their sports....
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