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Batavia, IL
reply to Freakx45

Re: Clear Service in NYC

Clear is pretty good in NYC depending on location, make sure you have a line of sight or place your modem in the best line of sight possible towards the clear tower. I have several customers in Far Rockaway with very good service.

Nino Riff

Surprised to hear someone say they have good service with Clear. Been nothing but a headache for me. Recently I get decent download speeds (around 6Mbps) from the time I wake up until noon. Around noon the DL speed drops to about .25Mbs and stays that way until I crash for the night around 1am. I have called support numerous times and they have basically told be it is because of cogestion on the towers and nothing can be done about it. I am located on the border of Bushwick and Williamsburg in BK, with a tower just a couple blocks away.

Curious what parts of the city people are getting good service.

Raleigh, NC
I have good service, too. When I'm standing in the right places.