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reply to MURICA

Re: 3Net debuts on Comcast :(

Fiber Optic is the future. All providers will have to get on the bandwagon to support the future bandwidth needs of customers.

I believe that UHD will be the future. Just like HD was the future, and now is a standard. Fiber Optic connections will be a must have in the near future for all providers streaming TV and/or internet.

Lets just say that when UHD is here, High Def will be the new Standard Def, and then SD will ( I am hopping ) be totally phased out by then. If I can't even stand to watch a SD channel now because of High Def, I am sure that many people once UHD comes around, won't even give SD a second look (If it is still around then, which IMO is pointless.)


if I posted my last 2 statements that they are the same or similar, I apologize.

I thought that I needed cookies enabled, so when I posted it without enabling them, I did not think it would be posted. Then I enabled them, and posted again.

Again, my bad. lol