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Batavia, IL
reply to MTB

Re: Good RSSI slow speed


What is your speed with the 5db External AZUS antenna you are using? The reason I ask is because your RSSI for WiMax is outstanding but does not match your CINR reading, usually is your RSSI is below -60 your CINR is in the higher 20s, this is not the case for you and one reason is that the modems internal antenna is still connected, even when you hit the enable switch Port 2 is always active, So I suggest you remove the internal antenna and place your pigtail on Antenna Port 2 to bypass the switch and reduce the CINR interference you are receiving from having both antennas active. Then retest and if your speeds are still suffering let me know.

Also see my video on youtube > ninoriff2 > Clear hub express mod for more details

Nino Riff