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Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

said by DKS:

said by Jon:

And why is running a propane grill inside dangerous?

Two words. Carbon monoxide.

There are houses all over the world that run entirely on propane. How is it different from a propane powered stove or furnace or fire place?

Those devices are all properly vented to the outside. I have a natural gas furnace and water heater. Both are vented to the outside. The furnace also has an outside air intake.

Here where we live DKS, it would be rather uncommon to see. Mention propane and you get the mental picture of a one-toothed hillbilly who married his sister and roasting a steak on an outdoor grill in his kitchen with a little white propane tank next to it.

Kind of easy to get this mental picture from where we're from. But I do on the rare occasion see a propane hook-up to a non-restaurant out in the sticks.

But over in warmer states (I guess) I can see this. Just like they have propane for their stoves and ovens over there, and I have seen this in trailer parks out in Vermont, Maine and Newyork.

Most every mobile home uses this. Mine did when I had a mobile out on a lake in the states.

There does exist some very nice set-ups (restaurant quality) with very big and nice fume hoods over them.

All this really goes to show is the mental picture people from different parts of the world can get. It isn't trolling as what the guy above proclaimed. Just differences of where people live.

But hey, if he want to come out and say he does this on his Coleman camping stove...