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Edgewood, TX
reply to Patrick2082

Re: IP Address on Homefusion

I'm going to say no in getting a localized IP address for your area. Perhaps if VZW comes out with a business grade version of HomeFusion you might have that option, but the way cellular networks work today is based on a mesh network. Every VZW cell tower is broadcasting and receiving at the same time. VZW has multiple DHCP servers spread out over their network and anyone of those DHCP servers can issue you an IP. It just depends on which one is less busy to service your request. I've held the same IP address for days and have noticed that if I issue a reboot on the Cantenna, it will get a newer IP, usually on a different subnet.

You can try contacting VZW tech support and ask if you can have some sort of static IP assigned to your Cantenna. It's the Cantenna that holds the 4G/LTE radio and does the IP communicating to the 4G/LTE network.