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Louisville, KY

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[Equipment] Which modem do I need? Louisville, KY

I recently was experiencing trouble with my 20.0 internet. An Insight tech came out and said it was my modem, (which I owned) and replaced it with and Aris modem. Well, now I am getting a monthly modem rental so I need to buy a modem. Which brands and models will Insight allow to install wth 20.0 service?

Never mind, I found my answer on Insight web site:
»www.myinsight.com/Help-broadband ··· 7105.asp


Simpsonville, KY
By the way, I found the new nice $3.95 charge on my bill yesterday for modem rental (even though I have had the same modem for free for the last 5 years). Customer support told me that for the "super low" fee of $50 I could own the same old 5 year modem and not be charged a monthly fee.

Needless to say, I have a used RCA DCM 425 coming from Ebay that I bought for the super low price of $15. When I contacted support they told me the list that shows on the website is old and they pretty much support any Docsis compatible modem. I just bought the RCA because it was so cheap. Heck, I could have bought two and have one as a spare.

Please note that this will only work for 10.0 and 20.0 packages, as insight will make you use ( and probably pay a rental fee as well) one that they provide for the 30 and 50 mbit packages.


Hi I used to work for Insight before Time Warner took over. Unless the policy has changed, if you buy your own modem/router, then it's no longer considered Insight property. So if you have a problem with your modem/router & a tech needs to come out to your home & fix it if it can't be repaired over the phone, then they're going to charge you a $25 service fee. At least that's what we were told to inform the customers if they inquired about the advantages/ disadvantages of if it's better to buy the modems, etc. Like I said Time Warner has made SOME slight changes, but I would think they'd keep this rule since they're now charging for every little thing now. I'd check just to make sure.