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Kingston, ON

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reply to Old Martin

Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

I had the exact same situation as op when I moved into my new place in sept 2011. DSL was suppose to be active on the 3rd. My activation was delayed 2 or 3 times due to mistakes by your rookie customer service. When they sent the order to bell the first time, they messed up the address. The second time they asked bell for 5meg install even though I agreed several times for a lower profile since my new place was far from the central office.

My install was delayed for 5 days each time until they said the 19th is when it should be on and offered me a dial up login (why this wasn't offered after the first mess up is beyond me).

The dsl light came on around the 15th so I called in and told them its working and to change my activation/billing date. None of the mistakes tsi csr's made were noted on my account. Even the supervisor that gave me the dial up login did not note. After explaining everything to a new csr, I was assured the refund/activation date would taken care of. It wasn't.

A few months later I get a an extra bill. Called in again and found out my activation date is still the 3rd and no money was refunded for the time without a connection. It was a big confusing mess since they CHANGED my payment date to sync with my phone payment date without my permission.

Getting a refund for the time offline was like pulling teeth but I eventually got it. I still have no idea when my real activation date is, they refuse to change it. When I was looking into switching to I called and asked if I canceled then when would my internet stop? She said the 30th. I told her no that's my payment date, I wasn't connected until the middle of the month. She was rude and had a very bad attitude. It seems like my account is full of bad notes. Every time I call in now I get treated like a criminal even though I have been a loyal customer and paid on time for the past 4 years.

That was and will be my last communication with tsi cs.

I had even tried getting support from the direct forum and they didn't help at all(my posts have expired/deleted). I find it extremely sad years later people are having the same issues. Reading now that you CAN move activation dates frustrates me to hell. I think its time to switch to start even if I do end up having to make a double payment since I have no idea when my DSL would cancel.

Old Martin

I've looked up the account and find out what is going on.

Rather than detailing everything I'll simply give you the important dates.

Your phone is paid up to the 30th of each month.
Your DSL is paid up to the 2nd of each month.

So if you cancel your phone, DSL may be out of service for 2 or 3 days depending on the amount of day in the month.

Hope this will clear up what you were looking for.

If you would like additional details, feel free to contact me via PM & tell you exactly were things got all messed up.

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Kingston, ON
thank you.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
said by mkay:

thank you.

Back in sep 2011, we had a whole other set of issues that's been discussed extensively. Growing pains essentially... Sorry for whatever probs we caused you back then.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy