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Re: [WIN8] Free Windows Media Center - Limited Time

OK, here is the latest.

When I installed Windows Media Center I did activate it then, that very moment when I had a chance to enter in the key that was emailed to me from MS.

Today, I get an email to activate but the instructions to activate before the 31st don't work.
1.Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. (If you’re using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, and then click Search).
2.Enter add features in the search box, and then tap or click Settings.
3.Tap or click Add features to Windows 8.
4.Then tap or click I already have a product key.
5.Enter the product key, and then click Next.
6.Read the license terms, select the check box to accept the license terms, and then click Add features.

The problem is step 3. There is no "add features to Windows 8".

I am guessing that was satisfied when I installed and activated at the time of the install.
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Nisam Ti Dude
Willoughby, OH
Got the same email. The email was a bit confusing. I tried the same thing you did and could not find add features. I know I activated so I am assuming that is why it did not work.
So the email is just a reminder to use the activation code if you have not all ready.
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Hilo, HI
I just got the same email. It is a bit confusing. I'm a bit surprised that Microsoft has no way to filter out those who already activated it from getting this reminder.

I started it just now to make sure it was working. I haven't really used it yet but I decided to do a slide show with my photos. It is a NICE slideshow. I have XP Pro on my old computer so I never had Media Center like was on Win 7.
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reply to vukodlak75
said by vukodlak75:

So the email is just a reminder to use the activation code if you have not all ready.

Ditto, but I agree with vukodlak75 See Profile, I think it was a reminder, but like Mele20 See Profile said, why can't they filter out those who already added the feature?

We have the technology!
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