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Re: [Business] New Internet Service - Equipment Confustion

Thanks again NetFixer.
Insead of waiting for a reply from the salemans (who seems to have evaporated not that the sale has been made) I called the number that you kindly provided. Spoke with a tech that spelled it out exactly as you described... the Cisco modem and HotSpot is free for "my customers' if they have a comcast.net logon... but I do not have to install it if I don't want to. That it is something new they are trying out. And he said that the SMCD6G is for me and to call again once it is conencted for the IP to be assigned and for the rollover and other features activated on the phone lines once the Arris TM608 is installed. I think itis sort of cleaver for the to issue the 'free' hotspot, and might have participated if they had asled me, but I don't like how they just assumed that I would install it. Other than that it was certainly a quick install and i have to say the price was way less than what 8 lines from Verizon would have cost, and the Verizon internet is not nearly as fast. Since other companies in the building have Comcast I feel pretty confident that down times should be minimal... keeping my fingers crossed!
Thanks again for your help.

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said by comcastrate :

Insead of waiting for a reply from the salemans (who seems to have evaporated not that the sale has been made)...

Been there, done that. My so called account rep has not returned a phone call, or answered an email since the day after I signed my contract.

Fortunately, the normal business class support number will get most things accomplished, and this site's »Comcast Direct forum can usually take care of any unusual problems or questions.
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