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[Cable] linksys E1200 is not giving full 18/1 TS speed as modem

today, i got TS service with Cable 18/1 Mbps, when i directly connect my modem to PC it gives 18/1 but when i add linksys E1200 router speed is going reduce to 6/0.5 Mbps.

please give me solution for increasing router speed to 18/1

thanks in advance

Old Martin

Re: [Cable] linksys E1200 is not giving full 18/1 TS speed as mo

Can you confirm if you are using wired or wireless?
Do you know if any QOS has been setup on the router?


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Flash your router perhaps? I did mine a long while ago, and speeds weren't top notch, I flashed the latest I could and needless to say, speeds went up 40%...
I hate rogers and their CRAP tech. support... But, MAJOR kudos to the TekSavvy team!


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DD-WRT will probably help, but even with stock firmware you should at least get the basic WAN speeds...are the speeds you mentioned using wireless? or wired?

London, ON
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My Asus WL-520gu wasn't up for the task with Tomato or dd-wrt installed with a 28/1 and QOS. With VOIP that was pretty much mandatory. I don't know if it was a fault in my settings or the router but I ended up buying a new router which would more than meet my needs for years to come.

But definately what helps is turning off all the features you don't need (ie QOS). A quick google search showed that with your router turning off WMM helped some other guy. I wish you the best of luck tracking down the problem. It can be tough. Like other users have suggested... I've also had good experiences with both DD-WRT and Tomato firmwares.

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