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Nepean, ON
reply to Tx

Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

said by Tx:

said by Jaxom:

Wow, OP recorded all his conversations. Sounds like he was looking for trouble.

Actually this is becoming more and more common oddly enough. He's not the first by a long shot and won't be the last

Technically I didn't record the first one, but since the tape deck (yes, old fashioned tape) is already hooked up next to the phone (Telephone line to miniplug, couple bucks on ebay). I often do record them, most of the time just so I don't have to write down addresses/phone numbers/directions/anything, but you'd be surprised how handy it comes in once in a while.

AFAIK, it's legal in ontario to record a conversation _that you are in_ without consent, recording someone else talking to someone else is illegal. (But i'm not a lawyer)