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Beaumont, CA
reply to jdjr

Re: Cisco Boxes

said by jdjr :

I wonder if it will be compatible with Fios homes that have Cisco boxes. If not, will Fios swap out all Cisco boxes for motorola ones?
I also wonder if this new system will count as one STB, or 5.
I know fios has a limit on the STB's you can have in your home.

Not sure how there gonna handle the Cisco issue, as of now, I haven't seen both Motorola and Cisco in the same area...

It will have 5 seperate STB rental fees, one for the main server and one for each IP client. Pricing not available yet...

There is curently no limit on the amount of STBs connected in the home, just a very technical way to install multiple nodes.

The new VMS (Video Media Server) system is designed to co-op with exsisting STBs (non-VMS) and the capability to add additional servers if more than 4 IP clients are needed.