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reply to coaxguy

Re: FTTN 25/10 and 50/10 with Fibe TV + Unlimited Bandwidth

said by coaxguy:

said by anon514 :

Not true.

So your saying when I called this morning to inquire, and was told "your qualified for 50meg, but we can only offer it in a FibeTV bundle", thats incorrect? Because thats what I was told.

As I stated, the 50 plan interests me as I currently have 25/10 and my attainable on my line is 170 down and 70 up. But not if I have to add TV service to get it.


said by Kovy :

No way is 50/10 going to be possible for FibeTV... unless you're on a 7330 remote.

I am on a Alcatel 7330 slam

Call again, see what they tell you.

I'm very postive only those SLAM would be able to support 50/10 with FibeTV (without losing speed when someone is using internet), OSLAM stinger can forget about FibeTV 50/10, for people who want internet only can get 50/10 though... But I'm sure they will still offer it, even though it's going to be like the 15/10 FibeTV.