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Portland, OR

TIVO...Copy vs. Streaming

Hello ALL:

I have 3 Tivo HD Series 3 units that can not transfer/copy most shows...even the Game Show Network and CNN, etc, as the copy bits are set. In fact, only the major Networks can transfer to another room.

Now that the Tivo Series 4 Premiere and Premiere XL4 are using Streaming, does this mean that we can watch a show recorded on 1 of the Series 4 Units with another Series 4 Unit even if the Copy bit is on, even on stations like HBO?

Also, if you can, does it start right away, or do you need any "buffer" to fill and are there any pauses?

I hope someone here is doing this and can tell me if it works, and not someone who has just "heard" that it "should" work.

OH, I almost forgot...I am on Frontier FiOS here in Portland, OR.