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reply to fatmanskinny

Re: [Connectivity] Purchase your own modem = Comcast interfering

said by fatmanskinny:

Funny thing is I just rebooted the modem through the GUI interface and that T4 Timeout error disappeared and the modem is showing as being Operational instead of Offline.

I will continue to monitor it.

That screen that shows the modem as Offline with failed tests seems to be a firmware bug in the SB6121 that sometimes happens when there are problems with getting the upstream bonded channels fast enough to satisfy its timeout algorithms; and a software reboot usually makes it go away.

The couple of times I have seen that, the modem was actually on-line; it was just the display page that had not been updated properly.

FWIW, my SB6121 has been on-line for a month with no problems since the last reboot, and the only times it has ever disconnected was because of Comcast problems, or because I was shuffling equipment around and had to unplug it. Of course, lemons do get out the factory door, so YMMV.
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