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Bronx, NY
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Re: Lobbying should be outlawed

We need citation for that my friend since you know the right only listen to Faux news that tells you Unions suck people dry and yet offer no proof of this. Yet those wonderful right to work states pay the less,work you to death and get no rights and can get fired and re hired 3 moths down the road so you can keep working and get no benefits. I call that Right to work=Modern day slavery

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Like it or not, you are worth only what it costs to replace you. There is a labor market just like every other market. When wages are artificially held above equilibrium, you have unemployment and inflated prices for goods and services. When they are well above equilibrium as they are now, you have very high unemployment; currently it is 8% despite there being millions fewer people in the workforce. Unemployment would be 11% if those people were still in the available workforce. When labor costs are sky high above equilibrium as is the case in certain sectors of the labor market the supply of those jobs evaporates. We saw that with textiles in the 1980's and manufacturing in the 1990's. Now there is no industrial base to support the economy so the public sector unions have run out of everyone else's money along with the shell games to hide the massive debt and pension burdens. Virtually every state has more government workers than those in manufacturing and there are now trillions in unfunded pension liabilities. The result is having to cut services right and left to pay for them. There is no one left to pull the cart while governments have accumulated an unimaginable level of union pension debt. Future generations have been fiscally raped to satisfy today's public union greed.

We have only to look at the Postal Service to see the unsustainability of this. A few years ago the USPS was compelled to start banking money to pay these future liabilities. They make the promise to the workers, they have to start setting aside the money to pay it. They don't have the money to even begin saving to pay these future liabilities. They are making promises they could never pay. Who seriously thinks that in 20 years, with all the advancements in digital communications that the USPS will have the massive profits needed to pay these obligations? No one. It would mean a taxpayer bailout just like GM, which still owes the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars and that is after stealing from the SECURED mom and pop bond holders and giving a chunk of the company to the unions. It is like making a promise to your kid that you will pay for their college education but instead of saving for it, you are just going to pay the tuition bills out of pocket when you get them. We all know the money won't be there and the kid is screwed out of his promise. Stop making promises ya can't afford and stop expecting promises for stuff that you know are not possible.

The economics of labor is just a fact of life, and it is a fact parents for the last 20 years have refused to tell their spoiled booger eating children. They have been telling their idiot kids that they are "special". Now those narcissistic, think anyone gives a crap about their blogs, tweets and FB, children end up getting a degree in Women's Studies with a minor in Sanskrit and then are shocked when they can't get a job, any job. After being told their whole lives that they're special they find that they aren't. In fact they're well below par, beyond worthless to all potential employers. Then they end up at Walmart and Starbucks pissed that they're not getting $50,000 for their 28 hour a week job and demand unionization. Meanwhile we need to issue truckloads of H1B Visas to get engineers here. The problem isn't that there aren't good paying jobs. The problem is that too many people are lazy spoiled brats.

The bottom line is no one owes you a living. The days of getting $90,000 with a high school diploma are long over. If you want more money and job security, get saleable skills instead of being a parasite. When you are a parasite the host dies, or it takes a chemical bath before leaving for Viet Nam and Malaysia.

The unions are dying because their economic model of artificially high labor cost is unsustainable. Not every job will pay a middle class wage, period. Now you can call it Faux propaganda, but this is how the world is and you can grit your teeth with the other 3 people who watch MSNBC and you can do it while filling out applications for McDonald's and Dominos. But wouldn't it be better to get saleable skills and forge your own future? Oh I know, that would require some hard work and initiative and today people want everything without having to work for it, the entitlement mentality that is turning a nation of makers into one of takers. It is time EVERYONE gets out of the cart and starts pulling.

That's all I'm going to say on this. Thankfully people are wising up and public sector pension reforms are being passed across the nation while private sector union ranks are on the decline. At the same time corporate welfare needs to end; enough with the subsidies for green energy and Wall St. bailouts. Enough with "capital gains" and time to regard all forms of "income" the same and tax it the same. Enough with the perks and special favors for ANYONE. Enough for one person or business getting a "break" while others are left to make up the difference with the balance borrowed on the credit of future generations. It is time that takers of all stripes: private, public, union, corporate; all of them stop holding their hands out and are forced to be makers again. The time has come to throw EVERYONE out of the cart and reconsider the criteria for getting back in.

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Bronx, NY
I think you forgot your sarcasm tag