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reply to Mr Grumpy

Re: Ringmaster

said by Mr Grumpy :

Since U-verse service installed yesterday I no longer have my second virtual "Ringmaster" number. Can Ringmaster not be forwarded? Is Ringmaster available on U-verse phone service?

I would highly doubt that AT&T offers RingMaster service on their U-verse VoIP service. It was not available to me when I migrated from POTS to ISDN, or when I had the AT&T CallVantage VoIP service. The reason is that the ring signal is generated by your local ATA with either ISDN or VoIP service. I suppose that it might be possible to program the ATA to produce a different ring signal for different incoming phone numbers, but AT&T in the past, has been unwilling/unable to do that.

I have been able to transfer a RingMaster POTS number to another AT&T service (as a full featured number), but if your old POTS account has been closed, it is too late for that.
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