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Columbia, NJ
reply to droosk

Re: [CenturyTel] High pings and jitter - Phoenix

I'm not in the Phoenix area but it's the same here in northern NJ.


Newton, NJ
same here in Newton NJ,bad bad pings since Jan 25th.Any ideas what's going on?

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Dublin, OH
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On 12/30, my connection went down for a few hours and when it came back up that evening, my pings have been double what they had been. For the last year, pings had been a consistent 40ms and now it's been 80ms ever since 12/30. Even when my speeds went belly up, I could at least depend on pings being consistent. Well actually, I guess they're "consistent" now... unfortunately, they're consistently 100% worse than they had ever been.

Speeds have been ultra flaky since 12/30 also. I'm sure Centurylink knows what's causing this but we'll never know. I figure it's a 50/50 chance that Centurylink's DSL service will get better at some point...but then it's also 50/50 that it'll get even worse.


Columbia, NJ
reply to janusz61
said by janusz61:

Any ideas what's going on?

Yea, I'll tell you what's going on, it's a piece of crap company oversubscribing on ancient crap technology with crappy backbone peering or not buying enough peering bandwidth. Some CEO must of needed a new Ferrari for one of the kids to not pay for enough bandwidth for it's paying customers...

On a lighter note... It's so bad right now webpages barely want to load and speed tests shrug at 1/10th the speed I'm paying for. Oh and servers I normally ping in the 16 to 28ms range are at almost 300ms right now. This is what happens when there's no competition and they're the only game in most towns. $95 a month for a crappy 8Mbit line...give me a break. Let's see, from Comcasts website you can get 50Mbit for $50 which is 6.25 faster at $45 a month cheaper. And for the outrageous price the little 8Mbit line can't even perform...


Same here in SW VA.. From 1pm - 12am the service in nearly unusable. Not sure if its congestion , bad routing or what but it is pretty tiresome having to deal with it especially when it lasts ALL DAY EVERYDAY!