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Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
reply to adampsyreal

Re: Once again; laws created by those who don't understand.

said by adampsyreal:

*Why is it legal for cell phone companies to make my phone run slower with apps that cannot be removed without unlocking?
=They way I see it; phone companies owe us $ for lost time that we could have been using to make money -had we not been spending time out of our lives waiting for crap to run on our phones.

What's next? -no laptop bloatware removal?

Unlocking =! rooting. It is still legal to root. You just can't unlock the baseband firmware to take it to another carrier without your current carrier's permission
A fool thinks they know everything.

A wise person knows enough to know they couldn't possibly know everything.

There are zealots for every OS, like every religion. They do not represent the majority of users for either.