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Cincinnati, OH
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reply to nitzan

Re: Ooma halting development, limiting support for hub ..

Free for life is a sort of ambiguous statement. Who's life? Your life? The life of the box? Or its supported life?

So in this case, it appears its a little of free for its supported life and free for the product life. It is not going to be actively supported, but as long as it works, it will be able to make and receive calls.

Seems to me Ooma is living up to their commitment.

I dunno know, I have two Ooma Telos right now and both have premium service. It has an incredible amount of services built-in for less than $14 a month per Telo.

It's worth it for me. One of the reasons I never went with Ooma to begin with (pre-telo days) is because I did not believe that it was a viable business model with only selling a box with no monthly fee.

Now that they are charging a very modest fee, it gave me confidence to move forward.

One Telo has the number ported to that account and the other Telo is using Google Voice integration.

Very happy with Ooma. Especially like the community and personal blacklist features.
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