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Wright City, MO
reply to Immer

Re: Add-ons

said by Immer:

I'd love an addon that resolves the global variable taint that forces me to /reload just to change a friggin' talent or glyph!

or blizzard could fix that code... either one will suit me just fine.

On a more serious note... I don't know if it was Clique or a change Blizzard made in the API, but I can no longer keybind the MouseScrollUP or MouseScrollDown to spells anymore. Used to be my self defense CDs (fade, barkskin, desparate prayer, IBF, etc.). They've been added to the growing list of Alt+Button keybinds.

Must be Clique, as I use the stock bars (no bar addon) and have no problems with my scroll wheel bindings.
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